For High School Educators

There are countless ways that high school teachers can use BEYOND RAGS TO RICHES to help their students better understand American immigration history, European history, and world history. For those who teach A.P. and I.B history, we have research paper suggestions with documents specifically chosen to insure your students have plenty of primary sources to use to complete each assignment. We also offer document-based questions ("DBQs") for A.P. history classes. For non A.P. and I.B. teachers, we offer research paper suggestions and short essay assignments. Instructors at all levels can use our image collection to teach about the potato famine, Irish emigration to America, and immigrant life in American cities like New York. And for teachers whose students participate in History Day competitions, we offer both suggested History Day research questions and most of the primary source documents your students will need to answer them. You can also use our interactive maps and historic photos and prints to help your students better understand the potato famine, chain migration, patterns of immigrant settlement, and immigrant life in urban America on the eve of the Civil War.