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Bartholomew Finn, acct. 8162

Additional Information on Bartholomew Finn:

Ward 18 >> Greencastle, IN

gasman > nail mill

Bartholomew Finn d. Jul 1915 at East Chicago, IN (obit)

[He was a gasman in ward 18, living alongside the gasmen of Castlegregory in 1860; migrated to Greencastle, IN as did Moriarty 14149, James and Forhan 9512, John but was from a different town in County Kerry.  Claim of age of 106 not apparent from censuses]


Herald-Democrat (Greencastle, IN), Friday, July 16, 1915

MUNCIE, Ind., Jul 10—The funeral of Bartholomew Finn, age 106, possibly the oldest man in Indiana, was held in the St. Lawrence Catholic church here today.  He died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. George Meyers, in East Chicago, Ind., with who he had lived most of his life in Muncie.  He was 101 years old when he left here and then was as strong, apparently, as the average man of sixty. Finn was a nail worker and was actively employed in a local nail mill when he was eighty years old.  He was buried in the same lot with his wife and ten of his sons and daughters.

Bartholomew Finn was a former Greencastle man, having resided here for many years.  He was employed here in the old nail mill and left when the mill was moved to Muncie.  The older residents of the town well remember the old man, who was a perfect specimen of manhood.