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Thomas O'Toole Hartigan, acct. 5373

Additional Information on Thomas Hartigan:

Ward 18 >> Dedham, MA >> Chicago

newspaper carrier > lawyer

Thomas d. Apr 23, 1903 at Chicago (obit and dau's bio)

Ann d. Mar 20, 1884 at Chicago (dau's bio)

Thomas & Ann's daughter, Mary Susan Leonard Hartigan went to medical school, was a prominent educator in Chicago.

Their son, Thomas L. Hartigan commanded a regiment in Philippine insurrection, was first president of Philippine Bar Association.*****

Educational History of Illinois, John Williston Cook.  Chicago: The Henry O. Shepard Company, 1912, pg 626

Mary Susan Leonard Hartigan

THIS lady is one of Chicago’s best equipped and most efficient instructors, her active experience as a practical teacher extending over many years, and she is well known in educational circles as a student and scholar.

Miss Hartigan was born in New York city, her father being Thomas O. T. Hartigan, native of County Limerick, Ireland, and a well-known member of the New York and Chicago bar; her mother, Anne (Leonard) Hartigan, native of Fermanagh, Ireland.  The former deceased in Chicago, April 23, 1903; the latter on March 20, 1884. Miss Hartigan is a sister of Major Thomas L. Hartigan, the well-known soldier and lawyer.

Miss Hartigan’s education, one of the most thorough, began at a very early age. Up to her tenth year she was given instruction at home under the guidance of her mother, a lady of excellent gifts, who had herself been a teacher. She then attended Avery School, in Dedham, Massachusetts, for two years and six months, graduating in June, 1871. Next came attendance at the Dedham High School, and graduation therefrom in June, 1874. Coming west, Miss Hartigan entered the Chicago Normal School, and graduated in December, 1876. A few years ago she undertook the study of medicine, and graduated July 1, 1905, from Harvey Medical College with the degree of MD. As a teacher, all of her services have been given to Chicago schools, including the Washington, in which she taught from September, 1878, to February, 1891; the Brenan,  February, 1893, to October, 1893; principal of the Hoerner School, October, 1893, to June, 1902; principal, Harvard School, Harvard Avenue, between Seventy-fifth and Seventy-sixth streets, June, 1902 to the present time. She has eleven teachers as assistants, and the pupils in attendance number over five hundred.

Miss Hartigan is a member of the National Education Association, the Chicago Principals' Association, Principals’ Club, District No. 5; Ella Flagg Young Club and a number of social organizations. She is an adherent of the Roman Catholic faith, and universally esteemed both in professional and private life. She resides at 6758 Wentworth Avenue.


 New York Times, October 10, 1924

Thomas L. Hartigan

MANILA, Oct. 8 (Associated Press)

Thomas L. Hartigan, 63, lawyer and soldier, died today after a long illness.  Mr. Hartigan came to the Philippine Islands in 1909 as a Major in the Thirtieth Infantry of United States Volunteers.  He served during the Philippine insurrection and resigned to take up the practice of law.