Data Sets Organized by Irish Birth Place

While native-born Americans viewed the Famine Irish as a homogeneous mass of impoverished refugees, the immigrants themselves identified closely with their Irish county of origin. These document sets allow you to learn about these Irish immigrant communities. Some had occupational specialties. Immigrants from County Donegal, for example, dominated the ranks of Irish-born peddlers. Those from Dublin were drawn to the printer's trade, and immigrants from County Tyrone dominated New York's charcoal business. Immigrants from some Irish counties also fared far better economically in New York than others. The immigrants from Donegal, Tyrone, Cavan, and Kerry, for instance, saved far more than those from Dublin and Cork. County of origin also influenced where in New York the immigrants lived. Our collection of maps will help you identify some these patterns, but there are many more left for you to discover on your own.