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John Bresland, acct. 621

Additional Informatin on John Bresland:

At the same address from test book through 1880--231 Mulberry rear (bet. Spring & Prince).

John is a peddler > clerk in store > peddler > clerk.

In 1870 two daughters are goldbeaters; in 1880 garment workers.

John, James (Bridget is his wife), Charles and Patrick were brothers.  The mother, who is in Ireland in the test book, did end up coming to America.


1854 Rode dir: James lives with John 

1851 Rode dir: John, peddler, 229 Mulb (p. 73)

1852 Trow dir: John, peddler, r. 231 Mulb, 

1854 and 1855 Rode dir: John and James are peddlers, r. 231 Mulb 

1857 and 1858 Trow dir: John and James are peddlers, r. 231 Mulb 

1859 Trow dir: John, porter, r. 231 Mulb

1860 Trow dir: John, laborer, 47 Greenwich

1862 Trow dir: John, "police," r. 231 Mulb

1868 NYC dir: Peddler 

1870 NYC dir: â€œcanvasser"