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Bridget Clifford, acct. 13547

Additional Information on Bridget Clifford:

Bridget Clifford d. Mar 22, 1890 at Hoboken

New Jersey Deaths and Burials, 1720-1988 (

Name: Bridget Clifford

Death Date: 22 Mar 1890

Death Place: Hoboken, Hudson Co, NJ

Age: 75y

Birth Date: 1815

Birthplace: Ire

GS Film Number: 589787

Bridget and husband, Patrick: "dealer in second hand furniture' at a couple of addresses on 8th Ave.  Patrick gone by 1870.  Bridget in Jersey City in 1880; probably there because son, William, and his wife were living there (relationship confirmed by parents names on William' marriage record in Jersey City).

Test book says 1 child, but that couldn't have been correct at the time; there were five.