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New York's Five Points

For a convenient summary of all the information we have amassed on the depositors listed below, click here to download.

For a summary of the data we have compiled on ALL depositors from the Five Points, click here.

Each immigrant's name below is given with the number of his or her first Emigrant Savings Bank account.  We do so because in the documents on this site, there are often several people with the same name.  The account numbers allow users to clearly differentiate one "Ellen Sullivan" or "James Murphy" from another.

Patrick Barry, acct. 11849
Daniel and Susan Bradley, acct. 5409
William Brennan, acct. 13152
Patrick and Louisa Brogan, acct. 16548
Margaret Brown, acct. 5290
David and Mary Clifford, acct. 8698
James Connell, acct. 9463
Catherine Connelly, acct. 6059
Terence Connelly, acct. 13658
Daniel Connolly, acct. 599
Peter Connor, acct. 6143
Bridget Cox, acct. 1426
Owen Daley, acct. 17200
William Daly, acct. 1387
Peter Dawson, acct. 1322
Julia Farmer, acct. 12612
Michael Foley, acct. 17777
James and Honora Galavan, acct. 11971
Timothy Gallivan, acct. 7193
Mary Gilfeather, acct. 12168
William Gilmartin, acct. 11229
John Hally, acct. 172
Mary Harkin, acct. 16097
John Harrington, acct. 11650
William Hollewood, acct. 5738
Patrick F. Lacy, acct. 472
Mary Sullivan Lane, acct. 12057
John Lane, acct. 11910
Thomas McGrane, acct. 17160 
William O'Meagher, acct. 5981
James Mulry, acct. 1581
Timothy Murphy, acct. 5228
Michael O'Connor, acct. 4191
Bartholomew O'Donnell, acct. 1589
David O'Keefe, acct. 6415
John Pauley, acct. 16070
Daniel Regan, acct. 17815
John Shea, acct. 10836
Murtagh Shea, acct. 6805
Peter Shea, acct. 9203
Timothy Sheehan Sr., acct. 10290
Mary Smith, acct. 8319
Mary Speckhon, acct. 14939
Eliza Sproles, acct. 4382
Robert Stack, acct. 8943
Thomas Starr, acct. 16535
Cornelius Sullivan, acct. 617
Ellen and Florence Sullivan, acct. 10727
Florence and Julia Sullivan, acct. 13358
Cornelius Twomey, acct. 987
John Ward, acct. 3453
Peter Warren, acct. 5243